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16 Jan 2012

I spent last week at CES 2012 in Vegas, and I thought I would share a few of the the things I found. Before I start, if you’ve never been to CES keep in mind – CES is very hardware focused and after awhile it will all start looking the same. Isn’t this the same wi-fi enabled lightswitch I saw 3 booths down? And CNET and Engadget have done a very detailed job of highlighting many of the items in detail.

First some negative. If you are thinking of starting a iphone/ipad case company or headphone company – DON’T. There were hundreds of companies with these on display. Every time you turned around another booth.

In case your wondering, Cubify and WI3 were my two favorite new items.

And the coolest item I missed: Samsung Smart Window

3D printing:
Who don’t want a replicator in their house. I really want to find an excuse that will convince my wife that it’s a good idea. Now the prices are getting low enough ($1200 – $2k) it’s so close.

General Tech:
A few one off items that don’t fit into their own grouping.

  • WI3 Home networking using your existing coax cable wiring. This let’s your bring ethernet to every cable port, perfect for your streaming netflix. It also let’s your stream hdmi, using MoCA standard, around the house and create lot’s of mini hotspots around the house too.
  • Microchip – platform for building hardware accessories for smartphones and tablets.
  • Tobii Gaze – control your computer with your eyes. I wish I liked lines enough to try playing asteroids with my eyes, oh well.

IOS Accessories:
Scattered around all the “bling your phone” displays there were some cool items

  • Hengedocks – Macbook Pro laptop docks
  • express keyboard – Mac keyboard/touchpad in one. If your are using the hengedock and like the touch pad below the keys on your laptop, instead of on the side, you’ll want one of these too.
  • iHealth – blood pressure, glucose monitors, and more for the Iphone

Yes there was some there, but not much.

  • Windows 8 Tablets – I will admit, the apple fanboy in me was impressed with the new window tablets coming out later this year. I’m a little worried about how they work once you have a few hundred apps on the screens, but at first glance they’ve done a great job. I want one
  • Sococo Team Space – if you use skype all day with a remote team, like I do, this might be worth looking at. Since the UI is a virtual floor plan of offices, people can open/close their door so you know if you can start a call with them. Unfortunately you can’t draw your own maps yet? I wanted a map of the globe for our remote employees. So I knew where people lived (and what timezone they are in)
  • Thuze – IPad textbook platform. They have added collaboration features to the standard textbook (think group highlighting and chat).

Touch Screens:

  • Multi Touch Link together multiple monitors to build touch walls of any shape or size.
  • ePawn Arena Use real objects to interact with the touch screen. D&D players around the world will love this.


  • Mercedes Benz – kinect like control of the car dashboard.
  • Audi – Very cool light effect. I’m sure it won a best booth design award somewhere
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  1. The WI3 stuff looks really great. I’ve been trying to decide the best way to get Internet access to my bedroom for a media streamer. I’ll definitely have to keep my eye on this product!