Side Projects

Every developer should have side projects. Things they work on at night or on a weekend. This is how we keep our skills sharp. So I thought I would share some of mine. As is the nature of side projects these are all works in progress. Some are more complete then others and some may never get finished.


Homes By Phone ( sell your home with twitter )

This idea allows real-estate agents to get a unique twitter hash code for their property, then print one of our custom lawn signs or riders. When users use the service, the agent sees the tweet, as a mention, and is able to follow up and build a relationship with interested users.

Twitter Sentiment Platform / Stock Prices

I had the idea what if you could track the sentiment of tweets about stock and use that to predict short term price changes. This lead me down the path of building a whole system to pull tweets, run them against a machine learning system to determine their sentiment, and then chart it against stock price.

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Social TV Chat Application

Using the power of twitter to create instant chat rooms, this applications brings tv to life – allowing users to talk about their favorite tv shows in real time using Twitter, their favorite real time application.


SpringMVC with ColdFusion

SpringMVC gives you clear separation between the Model, Controller and View. Now you can use SpringMVC and Java for your Controller and Models (Hibernate anyone?) and use ColdFusion for the view layer. Letting you use a tag based server language around html tags – it’s a lot cleaner then JSP.

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dpHibernate is a custom Flex Library and a custom BlazeDS Hibernate adapter that work together to give you support for lazy loading of hibernate objects from inside your flex applications.

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