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CFForm xml forms

By mnimer | code

Sure it’s a slow adoption feature in ColdFusion, but it hasn’t been forgotten. And those that know how to use it – love it. Wim Dewijngaert @ has created a number of great DHTML components that work with CFForm (format=”xml”). So if you’ve already discovered the hidden power in xml forms or have been is moving

By mnimer | code

Time to simplify some blogs/sites, Why do I have two, well that’s another story. But for now, I’ve decided that there is no reason to try and maintain 2 different sites. One specific to cfform and one to everything else ColdFusion. So I’ve decided to merge into This is not the end of

New Flex2 VISIO Stencils

By mnimer | code

A few months ago I blogged about a new Visio Stencil for CFForm and Flex 1.5.  Well Darren has been busy. He has updated his Visio Library again to match the new Flex 2.0 components and UI. And a new website to go with the visio stencils. So you all know you should be thinking

CFForm/Flex Visio Stencil

By mnimer | code

Wireframe! Wireframe! Wireframe! – We all know it’s a good idea. But up to now there wasn’t any great way to do this for your RIA applications.  Boxes on a napkin don’t cut it, and using the next closest thing the WinXP UI Stencil in visio just didn’t feel right, it just didn’t look like

New Flash Form Feature #2

By mnimer | code

Another new feature in Flash Forms in ColdFusion 7.0.1 (Merrimack) is support for onLoad in your flash forms.  What does this mean? This means you can define a function to call when the form is loaded to help initialize different parts of your form. But first, if you haven’t yet – you can download it here: