Yellowstone Hot Springs (HDR)

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Protected: Angular redirect loop bug in Android browser

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Add some Bacon! to #CQ5 (new text & image mockup components)

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As part of an effort to create and release more components into the community, here’s the first set from the team at Universal Mind. A Lorem Ipsum component and a PlaceHolder Image component. During development we need to get some real text and images on a page, to validate the CSS Styling, Layout, and overall

Configure CQ Vault (VLT) in IntelliJ as an external tool

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The typical workflow for a CQ application involves editing documents in your favorite editor, like IntelliJ, then pushing them to CQ with Maven. However, it’s common to edit files in CRXDE/CRXDE Lite too, especially when your tweaking your CSS or JS. To keep these in sync, Adobe CQ provides a command line tool called vault

business travel #tip – miles vs. levels

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Pick your airline, pick your hotel and stay loyal. You will end up with more miles then you know what to do with – but the levels you earn will make life on the road a lot easier. It’s the levels that you earn that will let you board first, use the shorter security line,

maven #tip – project specific local maven repo

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We all know that Maven has a number benefits, when using established libraries. That is until you have that one 3rd party external jar that isn’t in a public repository. Now what? There are a few techniques, install the jar in your local .m2/repository. But that’s not portable between team members, so lot’s of individual